Creativity Strengthens Musicians

In times of intense turmoil and uncertainty, creativity can give meaning, comfort, and direction to artists when they would otherwise feel aimless. Musicians are just one of countless groups of people who have seen their profession turned upside down during THE recent times crisis. Embracing creativity during this painful time will not bring your life […]

Your Music Should Change Over Years

If you’re stuck at the bottom of your music career for a decade or two, stack the music you’re making now against what you did at the beginning. What is different and what is the same? If you have worked for years from the same musical book, you are essentially writing someone else’s music. Songwriters […]

Some Things To Do Today To Become A Better Musician

We can all be better musicians. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been musically active for a few months or decades when it comes to finding areas that need improvement in our musical lives. Making real progress toward big goals like learning an instrument or working on a new album can be difficult if you’re musically […]

Tech-Savvy Can Hurt Your Music Career

When I think of my strengths as a musician, a lot of skills pop up. Yet, none of them have anything to do with tech. The more I strive to create impactful music in a world that’s increasingly reliant on and fluent with technology, the more I realize there’s a growing deficit in my musical […]

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