Darling Rose Gold Is Perfect Book To Read Now

Stephanie Wrobel’s compulsive onset, Darling Rose Gold, investigates Munchausen Syndrome (MSP), a mental disorder in which the caregiver of a child who passes his mother tries to draw the attention of the medical community to the invented symptoms of the child in his care.

The Romans precede this rare phenomenon, focusing on the types of mis word that attract the attention of the mother, such as starvation or the introduction of Ipecac into the diet of her child to cause vomiting. Wrobel instead comments on his story when Patty Watt has to be released from lock-up after five years for child mis word. Details of what Patty did to her daughter rose Gold, the reader learns only through flashbacks :

“when I’m ten years old, ” recalls Rose Gold, “I have ears and tubes, caries and a shaved head. I need a wheelchair. . . . I’m afraid of cancer, brain damage, tuberculosis.”Although Rose Gold has finally realized that her own mother was the cause of all her pain, she still has ambivalent feelings about her mother’s condemnation and acceptance:” some days I was thrilled. Some days I felt that a vital organ was not found .”

The undulating effects of the terrible child of rose gold – accumulate in the five years she is alone, until she is 23 years old and the need for revenge begins. After Patty’s release, the habitats of her small town are amazed to learn that Rose Gold brought her mother into her own home — and even made her take care of her newborn son.


Wrobel explore this strange mother-daughter relationship in chapters that alternate between the woman’s point of view question, both in the past and in the present. Woman shows personalities in the style of Jekyll and Hyde, and the reader does not stop guessing who will come out stronger.

This scary psychological thriller will be best enjoyed by those who were revealed girls, girls on the train and domestic crimes by authors such as Megan Abbott and JP Delaney.

Darling Rose Gold Is Perfect Book To Read Now

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