You Must Read Watching from the Dark Book

Gytha Lodge Sophomore Thriller offers a Hitchcock-worthy opening: Aidan Skyping his girlfriend, Zoe, after at night when he sees someone entering his apartment. Helplessly, he listens to the wrestle that ends Zoe’s life, but Aidan is not ready to reveal himself to the police.

Like Lodge’s first Novel, it is on the lookout for and unravels the victim’s complex personal relationships in the dark, alternating between the months before the execute and the investigations that follow. Zoe is a dynamic and compassionate woman, the glue that keeps her dysfunctional group of friends together. Zoe’s friends struggle with everything from PTSD to narcissism, and are sometimes manipulative and controlling. She is her support system and guardian, and so when she is involved in a romantic relationship that leaves her less time for her friends, she begins to see the cracks in her one-sided relationships. Even their romance is full, though, as Aiden is secret and dishonest with Zoe.

Lodge balances all this drama with the tranquility, consistency of his series leader, DCI Jonah Sheen. Even when Zoe’s life dissolves, Sheen’s constancy keeps the procedural aspect of the novel smooth, assuring the reader that the villain will eventually be revealed in the ranks of the ensemble.

The beauty of LOD’s writing is his ability to confront the painstaking revelation of a police procedural with a deep emotional immersion in the lives of his characters. Zoe is not just a body and focal point for Lod’s male detective; rather, she is given a complex identity. In a Genre that often commodifies the bodies of dead women, caring for Zoe’s character is particularly important.

As the Novel ends, the secrets are revealed, and the characters reveal who they really are, the reader can resort to Sheen’s reliability in an atmosphere where no one is trustworthy. Lodge’s Autopsy of complicated friendships and loves is sometimes tragic, but the justice sheen and his team provide is extremely satisfying.

You Must Read Watching from the Dark Book

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